DylanListed® LLC is a business that is owned by a person with a disability and his mother.

Our mission is to provide innovative online tools and offline events to sustain a focus on gainful employment for all US job seekers who are individuals with a disability (IWDs) and self-identify. 

Our vision is that by 2020, 75,000 Qualified IWDs are recruited and/or advanced from the DylanListed® Community via competitive or non-competitive employment into jobs in integrated settings.

To help us achieve our goals we are informally and formally talking to and drawing on experiences and expertise of a growing number of advisers including the following:

  • William (Bill) T.  Coleman III, Coleman Institute for Cognitive Disabilities, University of Colorado
  • Randy Lewis, former Executive at Walgreen’s, Chicago, Illinois
  • Ron Brown, President, The Arc of the United States, Dallas, Texas
  • Ruth Turner, Ph.D., Education Consultant, Dallas, Texas
  • Mark Spurlock, The River City Group, San Antonio, Texas
  • Tony Fleo, CEO, Social Venture Partners, Dallas, Texas
  • Becky Igo, Parent of a SpEd student and business owner
  • Kimberly Myers, Writers’ Guild West, Diversity Committee, Los Angeles, California
  • Peter Blanck, Ph.D., J.D – attorney and author
  • Henry Chesbrough, Ph.D., Haas School of Business, University of California- Berkeley, California
  • Ryan Rafaty, PhD Candidate, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, England
  • Jeffery Hoehl, PhD Candidate, University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado
  • Julie Redding, ResCare, San Antonio, Texas
  • Robert Nicholas, PhD, Heldrich Center for Workforce Development, New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Lauren Carlson, LaunchAbility, Addison, Texas

Dylan M. Rafaty

Founder, Executive Vice President


Dylan Rafaty is an author, self-advocate, and founder of DylanListed® LLC. Due to his personal experience as a hearing-impaired student in Special Education, Dylan acquired a special understanding of and sensitivity to the needs of youth in Special Education and the transition to the world after high school.  After high school, having difficulty finding work, Dylan was delighted to finally find work at his dream employer, Life Time Fitness.  At Life Time Fitness, Dylan learned how a company gets things done. There, he also found his joy and special skills in helping to make departments more cohesive in order to better serve the customers, Life Time members.  This natural extrovert self-published a book/memoir and then started a company that is rooted in the core belief that the total life experience of students of Special Education-turned differently-abled adults, matters, and especially their participation in the American workplace

At DylanListed, Dylan’s has a number of roles.  Dylan donates his time and passion to several non-profit partners that serve and advocate for individuals with disabilities and is a frequent speaker before educators and SpEd students in classrooms across the country. As to job seekers, he is encouraging them to self-identify and to discover and develop their functional skills. Dylan is also meeting in person with business owners, beginning with businesses in his home area, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, to introduce them to DylanListed and to encourage them to take a look at the DylanListed talent pool. Dylan recently took on new roles as a Disability Consultant & Trainer and proudly serves on the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities.

Vesna N. Rafaty

President & CEO


A naturalized US citizen who in 1970 immigrated to America with her parents and sister from former Yugoslavia, Vesna is no stranger to managing change and overcoming obstacles to pursue dreams in the Land of Opportunity that is America. While her parents worked as laborers in the textile industry and steel industry of Cleveland, Ohio, Vesna learned English and after high school studied chemical engineering at Case Western Reserve University.  Texaco recruited her and brought her to Texas in 1981.  Love brought her to Dallas in 1983.  As a municipal government employee, Vesna managed Registered Sanitarians who inspected and permitted food establishments in the City of Dallas.  She saw firsthand how ordinances are enforced for the public good.  Later, as a manufacturing manager at Johnson & Johnson in Sherman, Texas, Vesna experienced the satisfaction of the hum of machines making high quality products and the unique demands of operations in a highly regulated environment.  When J&J offshored several manufacturing locations, she reluctantly left J&J and turned to a newfound passion, the study of law.  “No study engaged me with society as did my study of law,” she would often say of her law school experience.   As an intellectual property attorney, she advises small businesses and start-ups in intellectual property matters. Vesna also has experience advising talent, content owners and producers in the arts & entertainment sector, including film, music, literature and visual arts and is a frequenter of art and film trade shows and festivals around the world.

It is her sons Ryan and Dylan who stirred in her the desire to help change the world for the better. Vesna is now applying her diverse knowledge, experience, passion and tireless energy to help bridge employers, service providers, schools, government and other partners to the DylanListed® Community.