Our Services

Our goal in providing Transition Support Services (one-on-one) and Transition Empowerment Classes (for groups) to Youth and Adults with Disabilities is to provide the most relevant information and insights in our knowledge and experiences. We utilize the best tools and methods available to us and to help our clients navigate their transition and to motivate our clients to take actions under their Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE). The IPE is developed and re-visited during the course of our services and in collaboration with the client and his/her parent or caregiver. The primary focus remains on the client. Our ultimate goal is to have a client that is a citizen, empowered as a job seeker and self-aware of his/her interests and skills. We hope that our clients will soon serve as productive and contributing members of our society!

Transition Support Services

LIVE Session Includes:

-Building Your Transition Team and Individualized Plan for Employment

-Identifying Your Interests and Superskill(s)

-Identifying Your Employment Supports

-Resume Review, Job Interview Practice & Disability Disclosure (How and When to Self-Identify)

-Pathway Planning with Community Resources (includes emphasis on Employment, College Life, and Independent Living)

-Monitoring Your Progress in Your Transition Plan (includes Goal Setting, Goal Updating Exercise)

-Serving as your Transitional Advocate

*All sessions are private, 1-on-1 meetings.

Empowerment for the Transition Training

Youth & Adults with Disabilities 

LIVE Classes Offered:

– Introduction to Employment: You as a Job Seeker & Standing out as a Candidate

– Importance of Communication and Self-Determination

– Self-Advocacy and Advocacy: Finding Your Voice!

– Self Identification (Disability Disclosure): How and When

– Entrepreneurship: Is it for you?

– Taking Ownership, Becoming Accountable and its Rewards

– Discovering Your Independent Life

Parents of Special Needs Youth & Adults, Educators & Transition Professionals

LIVE Seminar Includes:

– Context and Overview: State of Employment for Individuals with Disabilities

– Emerging Models for Helping Youth in Transition

– Increasing Joy of Learning in the Classroom: A Key Part of a Successful Transition

– The Key Transition Skills and How Job Seekers can Stand Out

– The Transition Plan or IPE

– The Transition Experience Givers

– Monitoring Progress in the Transition

– Community Resources

Disability Diversity and Inclusion (DD&I) Training for Employers

LIVE Seminar Topics Include:

– Employment of Individuals with Disabilities: Current US Context and Opportunities

– About Self Identification (Disability Disclosure): The Best Way to Ask, Receive

– Workplace Accessibility: Accessibility-Mindedness Benefits All Employees

– Smart Sensitivity Training for Supervisors: An Interactive Empathy-Building Activity

– Building Your Disability Lexicon: Communication Etiquette and How You Say It Matters

– Best Practices for Employer-Driven Initiatives for Hiring Individuals with Disabilities


Optional – Consulting Services:

– Designed for Upper Level Management including HR Professionals

– Pathway Planning to Hire Qualified Individuals with Disabilities

– General Workplace Accessibility Assessments