Why DylanListed?

If you care about inclusion of individuals with disabilities in workplaces across the US, DylanListed is the right place for you!

If you are a job seeker or veteran with a disability, DylanListed is your newest online and offline partner for employment and training opportunities!

If you are a federal contractor/subcontractor, DylanListed is your newest tool for promoting compliance with Section 503 as part of your Affirmative Action Plan!

We are different because we espouse a cross-disability approach to recruitment of job seekers with disabilities.  Thus the approach we espouse is itself inclusive. So, while our partners do the very critical work of serving segments of the community in employment-related and non-employment-related issues, we bring together the entire community of job seekers with disabilities and the stakeholders, helping to keep the focus on employment readiness, recruitment and advancement.

We are also unique in that, thanks to Dylan’s experience as a SpEd student, we also direct our efforts towards transition planning, and importantly, getting parents involved. As such, we are working hard to engage with SpEd Departments across America to best serve that community.

Job seekers:  By joining DylanListed, you are saying that you have a disability (whether visible, invisible, I/DD, congenital, temporary due to injury, difficulty with self-care, mobility, hearing, vision, learning, cognition or other difficulty), but you are not defined by it and you are serious about your job-readiness and job-seeking.

A note on accessibility:  Our website has some accessibility features. However, Version 1 of our app does not have accessibility features.  We hope to validate our business model with Version 1 so that we have the needed funds to build a truly state-of-the-art accessible Version 2 of the DylanListed app.  Thank you for your patience!